Covid-19: LUTH Cautions Against Shunning vaccine

 Covid-19: LUTH Cautions Against Shunning vaccine

By Dayo Badmus

The Lagos University Teaching Hospital, LUTH has warned that, shunning the Covid-19 vaccination by the General Public is hazardous for the country at this trying time.

At a briefing in Lagos on Wednesday, the institution said there had been an alarming upsurge in COVID-19 cases in Nigeria, advising that everyone should continue to observe the laid down guidelines to curtail the virus.

The Chairman, Medical Advisory Committee of the hospital, Prof. Wasiu Adeyemo, who described those speaking against the vaccine as conspiracy theorists, said they initially denied the presence of COVID-19 in the country.

“Before now, we were not talking about vaccine but now it is here.

Before the vaccine, we had conspiracy theorists all over the place saying that COVID-19 is not real.

The truth of the matter is that many of us were hearing about the numbers but now, we are putting a name to the number.

I can assure you that there is hardly anyone that cannot point to one or two persons that have been affected.

“Before the vaccines came, conspiracy theorists said COVID-19 was not real, now people are getting the vaccine all over the world and these conspiracy theorists have started saying a lot of bad things about the vaccine.

The most unfortunate things about conspiracy theorists are that they will be the first to be vaccinated after convincing others to shun it,” he said.

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Adeyemo urged everyone to take up the responsibility of enlightening others as the government cannot do it alone.

The Chief Medical Director of the hospital, Prof Chris Bode, explained that the new cases of COVID-19 in the second wave are easily transmittable and deadlier compared to the first wave.

“This is not to raise unnecessary alarm, but rather, to alert us all to what is happening and call on each person to do again, what we have done very well before.

Every life is precious and we implore Nigerians to do whatever is needed to save our people,” he said.



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