What sex does to fat people

 What sex does to fat people

By Dayo Badmus, 

There has been a noticeable change in attitude towards Regular Sex and its advantages for weight loss and muscle building, possibly as a result of placing a higher priority on one’s health and fitness.

Intimacy is now being used as a means of fitness, and appropriately so, even though it is historically an intimate act focused at one purpose, which is to procreate. Having said that, while there is undeniable value in intimacy and its numerous physical advantages to fat people.

According to Medicalnewstoday, fat individuals can actually burn more calories by having regular intimacy.

Making love requires energy, and experts estimate that a vigorous 30-minute intimate session might burn anywhere between 100 and 300 calories.

Regular intimacy improves our health, burns calories, and uplifts our mood. Exercise alone may not be the magic bullet for weight loss that we give it credit for, according to a recent study.

Of course, you won’t burn as many calories in bed as you will in a vigorous workout.

In order to achieve and maintain a healthy weight in fat people, intimacy should be firmly integrated into our plan, whether you are a gym enthusiast or not.

So get ready to look at the obvious as well as some of the more surprising reasons for this.

You could be one of those people who doesn’t lose weight even after having frequent intimate encounters. If your intimate activity is short-lived or lasts less than 30 minutes, this could occur. Additionally, it is influenced by intimate roles.

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Less fitness will be gained if your spouse is more relaxed back. Additionally, abstaining from intimacy altogether could not have any positive effects. But don’t forget to include regular exercise and a balanced diet in your daily routine.



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